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Tell Your Story

For the last few days, I’ve been hearing “tell your story” whispered in my ear but I’ve avoided the task. Today when I heard the same whisper, I asked “Why?”. This is the response I got.

Someone needs to hear
How the real you came to be
How the failures and the changes
Made you who you are.

Someone needs to hear
About the pains you bore
About the disappointments
That rocked your world.

Someone needs to hear 
That peace can be found
That love can change a heart
And hope is never lost.

Someone needs to hear from you
That living is God's plan
That faith, hope, and love 
Are free and available to all.

Someone needs to hear 
Your story, your truth
Your struggles, your victories.
They need to hear your story.

Your story speaks the language
Of someone who is lost
Of someone you may not know.
Tell your story.

I don’t know exactly who needs to know this about me, but I have overcome many setbacks and failures. I was wounded by people I thought cared for me. I’ve been crushed by disappointment. I made poor choices years ago for which I experience negative consequences today. I chose to isolate myself from people because I didn’t want them to get too close. I struggled with fear and anxiety. My life has been a mess–setback after setback.

But the truth about me is much deeper than those negatives. My truth is this.

God has forgiven me for all of my sin because Jesus paid the price for them. God loves me, not because I am good, but because that’s His nature. I am never alone in my struggles because Jesus went to heaven and sent His Holy Spirit to live in me–to guide me, to teach me, to encourage me, and to inspire me. He gives me hope.

Everyday I have to decide if I am going to be joyful or spiteful. I have to choose to be thankful or bitter. I have to choose to forgive or be resentful. I have to choose to be a blessing or a hindrance. I have to choose God’s plan for my life. He reveals pieces of His plan everyday. I have to choose to pay attention and listen as He reveals them. As I obey, I experience a joy so profound I can’t describe it. All I can do is share it through art, poetry, acts of kindness, or through singing His praises.

If you needed to hear my story, I pray that you experience the joy of the Lord today. I pray that you feel His unfailing love and peace. I pray that you choose to cast all that hurts and disappoints you may have upon Him. He will take them all and turn them into a story of hope to bless someone else.

Tell your story.

Psalm 145:14 (NLT) The Lord helps the fallen
    and lifts those bent beneath their loads.

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Love Letter to God #12

Most High Lord,

I tried to do it on my own
I taught it to my children, too.
We tried to save ourselves
And steal the glory from You.

We forced Your Word
To the back of our minds.
We ran after fame and fortune
And comfort, we fell right in line

With greed and sin
With corruption and lust.
We forgot Your Way
And that You are just.

I don’t want to wait
Until my days are at an end
To come to myself
And to fully comprehend,

I am not my own.
I was bought with a price.
You are my Savior and protection
You beam the sacrifice.

I can wait no longer
I have to return
To the safety of Your arms.
To the peace I have desperately yearned.

I’m coming to you now
I’m bringing my family along
We are full of shame and regret
But it’s with You we belong.

Show us how to remain
How to submit.
Give us the path to take
We will walk in it.

Because our only hope is in you,

Your Humble Beloved

Jeremiah 30:19-21 (NIRV)

People of Zion, who live in Jerusalem, you won’t weep anymore. When you cry out to the Lord for help, he will have mercy on you. As soon as he hears you, he’ll answer you. He might treat you like prisoners. You might eat the bread of trouble. You might drink the water of suffering. But he will be your Teacher. He won’t hide himself anymore. You will see him with your own eyes.  You will hear your Teacher’s voice behind you. You will hear it whether you turn to the right or the left. It will say, “Here is the path I want you to take. So walk on it.”