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Courageous Exchange

It isn’t hard to struggle, but it takes courage to exchange the struggle for peace. Life is all about struggling and overcoming hard times. The challenge is to know that as we enter into a struggle, victory has already been provided. We exchange our need to find a solution or make the way happen for God’s promise to direct our steps and guide us to His plan.

He challenges us to exchange our all for His all.

My all for His all
Not just the big things
But those that seem small.

My all for His all
Not just the giants
But the tiniest nail in the wall.

My all for His all
Not just the mountain
But even the valley of dismal

My all for His all
Not just as the day begins
But through nightfall.

My all for His all
That is the challenge of His call
Seeking His Kingdom above ALL.

Matthew 6 33

Matthew 6: 25 – 33