Where is Jesus

Resurrection Sunday is one of the most attended days of the year.

Why not make the most of the opportunity to touch as many lives as possible with a short performance of Where is Jesus.

Where is Jesus

Where is Jesus? is a Resurrection Sunday Narrative created to invite the audience to open their hearts and find Jesus standing at the door and waiting. Each part rhymes and is easy to learn by children and adults.

Narrator:     Where is Jesus? Is He in the manger?

Narrator:     Where is Jesus? In the temple?

Assigned Part:

He is no longer in the temple

He returned home to grow

So that He would know

How to work and serve

As a carpenter and son.

In preparation for the man He would become.

Narrator:     Where is Jesus? In the workshop?

Where is Jesus can be performed by up to 10 people with or without music accompaniment.

If you would like a copy of Where is Jesus, please complete the form below. You will receive a digital copy shortly after submission.

One response to “Where is Jesus”

  1. Thank you so much Cindy. I’m more and more amazed by all of the gifts that God has downloaded into you. I thank God for you. Love and blessings!


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