Angels for Christmas

Father and Son
Looked down from above
Considering ways
To show the Earth love.

“Father, look, I can see
What they will need most.
A band of angels.”
“Yes, let’s send them a heavenly host.

When earthquakes, floods, and storms
Cause many to be buried alive,
Rescuers will be needed
To help them survive.

When drought and famine
Leave some hungry and weak,
Servers will be needed
To guide them to what they seek.

When riots and chaos
Threaten their streets,
Defenders will show up
To help restore them to peace.

When their children get lost
And cannot find their way home,
A host of candle-bearing ushers
Will guide them to where they belong.

When grief and despair
Cause them to mourn and be sad,
Compassionate messengers
Will help them find reasons to be glad.

When danger threatens their journey
To block their forward progress
The archers of heaven
Will show them how to press.

And when their hearts of are full of praise
And worship begins to overflow,
My heavenly host will join their songs
Of adoration as they ascend from below.”


Psalms 91:11
He will give his angels charge over you to guard you
in all your ways.



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