Uncluttered Part 3: Release the Praise

On my mission to get more organized,  I am setting up a studio/office for my new business venture. The room I chose to set up is already a designated office and library. I call it a library because there are well over one hundred books from every genre from Christian Living to Higher Education textbooks with numerous fictions, science fiction, and children’s books in between.

My friend Martha has me on a search for a book that she can only remember the color and topic. She assures me I probably have it. Yesterday, I found a book written by Roxanne Brant that distracted me from my search and organization project. I’m like that. I will start on a project and run into something that captures my attention. If I want to get something finished, I have to put on music and force myself not to stop. I stopped for this distraction because the title caught my attention.

Ministering to the Lord: A vision, a search, a discovery was published in 1973 and taught me so much about worship. I want to share a few quotes from this book and I will share the entire book with the first person who completes and submits the form below.

“Our first obligation in our relationship to God is LOVE.”

We love Him because of who He is, and because He first loved us. God longs for our love and ministry to Him; but too often, we have only gone to him to receive things from Him and to ask favors of Him.” 

“The Bible is clear that the first obligation of a Christian is ministry to the Lord.”

“When you praise God you are blessing and commending and boasting of Him.”

“We do not have to minister to the Lord in any specific way. But there are certainly a rich variety of ways to express our praise and worship to Him as we are led by the Holy Spirit.”

You are My Praise (by Cindy Mosley)

Lord, thou art lovely and wondrous!
No matter where I go, what I do
You are there for me.

Your love has brightened my life.
Your light outshines the darkness.
Your strength is great and your works are mighty.

Thank You for considering me and loving me all the same.

I hope your new year is off to a great start. Don’t forget to stop and give God the glory for your successes and thank Him for picking you up and dusting you off when you fail.

“Let everything that has breath, praise the Lord.” Psalms 150



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